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Cloud Services

Cloud computing has immerged as an electrifying magnet in the market that is attracting many users day-by-day. Understanding the requirement of cloud computing in the market we are providing cloud strategies to our multiple clients which help them in becoming a cloud enabled organization. We provide a strategic view of the cloud data systems and the solutions, to create a driving and revolutionary cloud computing approach.

Cloud computing a more resilient and technologically advanced implementation enabled industries and business to reach new heights of the business operations. With the integration of the business processes and Connectix Corporation, small and medium-sized establishments have relinquishly ignored the concept of conventional infrastructure so as to gain more weightage and flexibility in their operations.

Connectix Corporation cloud services are inspired by the agility and the diversified nature of the technology for a better and more sophisticated way of developing business. Our services provide seamless and reproducible operations and technical support for you to achieve the technical and financial potential quickly. Over the years the industries and the related business strategies have developed and so are the services, required to assure safer and more effective management of the former. Cloud services have proved comprehensive results with the ongoing operations for a large number of multinationals and establishments.

Our Cloud Computing professionals transforms the complex issues into high performance outputs. Our simplistic, reliable and easy services helps our clients in many ways more than one. We provide a single hand delivery services to the clients, and identify the right suppliers, as per the requirement of the client.

Some of our services are:

  • Cloud Strategy Methodology.
  • Cloud Opportunity Assessment Tool.
  • Cloud Market Insights.
  • Cloud Enterprise Architecture.
  • Cloud-Enabled IT Operating Model.

Why Cloud

At Connectix Corporation, we deploy services for clients to identify the needs on a more diverse scale. Our cloud services focus on business assets, marketing, IP's, production and manufacturing, database and finally the scalability. Since these operations, altogether, are the fundamentals of any establishment; leaving anyone would drastically affect the business.

For a more detailed service structure, do have a look at some of our cloud features and services.

  • Infrastructure Design and Establishment.
  • Application Integration and Cloud Management.
  • Cloud Security Solutions.
  • Networking and Organization Strategy.
  • Cloud Database Management.
  • Cloud Recovery Systems.
  • Cloud Intelligent Systems for Marketing.

From sheer amount of resource and asset availability, it does become imperative to have a keen eye on the production management and the strategies to market the products ergo.From storage to platforms forming the service, we provide the utmost advanced and technologically sound solutions. Our customized apps, integrated cloud software, centrally managed databases and other cloud integrated plug-ins; we have a diverse range of solutions to offer.Handling complex applications now days has became a rising issue. Integrating the system and applications together to get proper provisioning solution is the main requirement. The cloud strategy helps us in implementing time-to-time market solutions to generate better revenue.Integrating the system and applications together is complex and expensive, thus Connectix Corporation cloud solutions help us in automating and putting together the approach to implement for the enterprise.