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Technology Integration Services

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We provide the right mix of technology skills, business, vertical and processes knowledge to improve your business performance and increase your company value

Technology Integration Services

Global digitalization is transforming traditional IT structures, shifting focus towards collaboration, harmonization and consolidation of systems, web and mobile applications, processes and security. Additionally, today’s IT transformation projects must have a future proofed architecture to cope with anticipated future demands, all within a reasonable cost structure with clear ROI in mind.

As IT architectures get more sophisticated, the heterogeneous collection of applications and business processes you own might become less compatible thus becoming a threat to your business.

Our services can help you maintain a coherent architecture, rationalize and modernize your IT infrastructure, improve your business processes and your access to company data. Our unique Group structure and delivery model means we can do all this in a cost effective manner without impacting quality of delivery.

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Technology and Business Integration Services we Offer

CRM/ERP integration

We are experienced in developing bespoke CRM/ERP solutions and also have certified consultants and proven track record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, Microsoft NAV ERP, Microsoft AX ERP, SAP ERP deployments, integrations and customizations.

Intranet and extranet integration

We can integrate your portals with all your business systems for HR Management, CRM, ERP, finance etc.

Corss Browsers

We can help you synchronize data from multiple enterprise applications and make it available to your employees, managers and IT department in a central access point thus increasing productivity through fast, efficient information sharing.

eCommerce integration

We have broad experience in developing eCommerce platforms and in integrating them through APIs and XML with your business systems including CRM, ERP, finance, POS, inventory management and call center systems.

Mobility integration services

We provide an integrated approach to mobility, being experienced in both vertical and functional domains, enabling your organization to consolidate, modernize and optimize all operations for its new mobile ecosystem and keep pace with your employees (E) and customers (C) mobility wants and needs (B2E, B2B or B2B2C).

Cloud services integration

We can help you develop, implement and integrate cloud architected applications, support you in deploying them in all major cloud platforms such as Amazon, Salesforce, Windows Azure or Rackspace and ensure all your cloud applications communicate perfectly with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, etc.