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Mobility Solutions

Connectix Corporation Client Services Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

We understand that mobile phones and mobile technology is a necessary part of everyday life. Be it professional or personal mobile applications pay a major role in getting everyday work done. Easy accessibility to these devices is what has added to the increase in demand of mobile solutions. Our sole target is to enable our clients to achieve a mobile work culture while protecting the access and security of the data.

Mobile work options increase the productivity and quality of work being done. We create mobile solutions that are fully functional and easy to use. When creating a solution we pay full heed to the work and goals of the client.

From development to the execution of the solution we deliver complete technological support at every step. Post development we extend our services to support the client with upgrades and developments that may arise in the future. Furthermore, we extend our services across various platforms, technologies and languages.

We create solutions for :

  • IOS.
  • Google Android.
  • Windows phone.
  • Blackberry.

Over time we have developed applications for different sectors, such as :

  • Government.
  • Healthcare.
  • Banks.
  • Stock Exchanges.
  • Telecom.
  • Media.
  • Retail.