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Azure - Training

Azure - Training

Windows Azure is the public cloud platform provided by Microsoft. Windows azure provides reliable, scalable and highly available hosting environment. The Windows Azure platform includes Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Windows Azure platform AppFabric.

This Course exposes all the Azure capabilities for every developer and specially focusing on .NET based AZURE development. The idea of the course is to make student/developer aware about Windows Azure Public Cloud Platform and make different type of .net applications cloud based.

Course Objectives

  • To learn complete concept of windows Azure from beginning to advance concepts
  • To learn about Azure Storage and its abstractions
  • To start, promote and measure an Azure Cloud Service for an application

Who should do the course

  • Software Professionals
  • Cloud Technology Professionals
  • Those aspirants to build their career in cloud computing with windows Azure

Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud computing-definition
O/s & cloud o/s
.Net Framework for cloud
Developers with cloud
Windows azure – MS cloud o/s
Demo – VS.NET support for Cloud / Glance of AZURE Portal

More windows Azure benefits
Azure installation – Create azure apps from scratch
Azure roles – web & worker
Programing apps for azure

Visual studio templates
Working with azure portal
Uploading & testing azure apps
Publishing on azure apps
Configuring azure apps

Web roles – More detailed
Basic role configuration – Development fabric and its uses
Local debugging
Developing & deploying

More examples of azure
Web forms & MVC
Ajax & stateless web roles
[Multi – tenancy session state**]

Building service oriented azure applications
Adding WCF service to application
WCF service role
Programming WCF services , attributes & configuration
Implementing WCF service

Building interoperable azure services
Locating azure service – adding service references
Setting WCF bindings – access azure service using SOAP [or] rest
Employing azure service s from WPF, Silverlight & non .net environments

Storage in windows azure
Understand storage partitions in azure
Storage partitions strategies
Using Tables-using Blobs-using Queue
All CRUD operations using azure storage

SQL azure-creating a/c
What are the differences SQL azure-SQL serner
Migration-made easy-tool support
Demo using SQL azure data-creating/accessing
Microsoft sync framework-synchronization

Windows azure for windows phone/IPHONE/android
Toolkit – Windows Phone , IPHONE & Android

Metro Apps – New style of developing desktop & hybrid apps
Windows 8 App with windows azure
Creating Metro App consuming AZURE and other Cloud services.
More Cloud Scenarios in Development